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Air Action Weekly and Aerotone News

Headquaters: Each major City of North America

Since Aerotone News is a subcompany of AAW they often have one HQ Building in a city. While AAWs medias are print and newsreels, AN is running radio stations or supports lokal radio stations with news flashes.

Their main goal is to tell exciting stories of the heros and vallians of the modern aero age.

AAWs Magazines:

  • Air Action Weekly
  • Spicy Air Tales
  • Warriors of the Air

  • Flying Reporters:
    There is an unwritten law in aircombat,
    "Never shoot down the reporters!"

    This is a very good advice because shooting innocent gives always a bad reputation.
    Most air reporters are working independent and flying small and unarmed planes (with a AAW logo on it). Also they try to get very close during a combat, since they want to get the best pictures.

    Known Reporters:
  • Vickie Blair
  • Jackson Lewis
  • Nero L. MacLeon
  • Robert Garret
  • Alexia White-Coleman