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Corporations around the World

With the collapse of the United States and the rise of aviation, many aircraft manufacturing firms have seized the opportunity inherent in chaos. Some have cast their lot with their home nations; others will sell to anyone with ready cash. Lockheed, Marquette, Hughes… these are just some of the movers and shakers in the world of Crimson Skies!

Name Field of Activity Description
A.Z.C. Zeppelins Advanced Zeppelin Construction
  • Empire State, New York
  • ISA, Detroit
  • Detroit, ISA
  • New Jersey, Empire State
  • Air Action Weekly Newsreel and Newspaper HQ in each major city of North America, even in Sky Heaven.
    Has a fleet of independent flying reporters, taking footage of airbattles.
    Aerotone News News Radio Aerotone News is a subcompany of Air Action Weekly and uses also its reporters.
    HQ in each major city of North America. The biggest HQs are in Los Angeles and Manhattan.
    Bell Aircraft Aircrafts legal wrangle with Hughes Aviation
    HQ: Marietta, Georgia, Dixie
  • Buffalo, New York, ES
  • Burlington, Vermont, MP
  • Blackflag Aircrafts and small Zeppelins Moving Around North America (Pirat Factories). Salesmen in Sky Heaven, Mexico and Havana.
    Blohm & Voss Aircrafts Germany
    Boeing A.C. Aircrafts and Zeppelins HQ: Seattle, Washington, PA
  • Renton, Washington, PA
  • Wichita, Kansas, PC
  • Vancouver, British Columbia, PA
  • Boulton Paul Aircrafts HQ: England, Wolverhampton
    Consolidated Aircraft Aircrafts former New York now Hollywood
    HQ: Hollywood, San Diego
  • Fort Worth, Texas
  • Stinson Aircraft Division of Consolidated Aircraft Corporation, Wayne, Michigan, ISA
  • Curtiss-Wright Aircrafts HQ: Cloumbia
  • Buffalo, NY, Empire State
  • St. Luis, Ohio, ISA
  • Columbus, Ohio, ISA
  • Louisville, Kentucky, Appalachia
  • Davis Aviation Aircrafts Utah
    De Haviland Aircrafts and Zeppelins HQ: London, England
  • South Africa
  • Rhodesia
  • India
  • Australia
  • NewZealand
  • Toronto, Ontario
  • Deseret Aircrafts Utah
    Fairchild Engine & A.C. Aircrafts HQ: Hagerstown, Maryland, Columbia
  • Longveuil, Quebec
  • Burlington, North Carolina, Dixie
  • Focke-Wulf Aircrafts HQ: Bremen, Germany
    Fokker Aircrafts Amsterdam, Holland
    Ford Motors Autogyros Willow Run, Michigan, ISA
    Grumman Aircrafts HQs:
  • Bethpage, Long Island, New York, Empire State
  • Maine, Maritime Provinces
  • Heinkel Aircrafts Austria, Vienna
    Hughes Aviation Aircrafts HQ: Hollywood
  • Clover Fields, Santa Monica, Hollywood
  • Laister-Kauffman glider plant, St. Louis, Missouri, Dixie
  • Imperial Air Passenger Zeppelins HQ: Empire State
    Lockheed Aircrafts allied with Hughes Aviation
    HQ: San Fransico, Hollywood
  • Burbank, Hollywood
  • Buffalo, New York
  • Vega Division, Burbank, Hollywood
  • Messerschmitt / General Motors Aircrafts and Zeppelins HQs:
  • Detroit, Michigan, ISA
  • Munich, Germany
  • Haunstetten, Bavaria, Germany
  • Marquette Airworks Aircrafts Des Moines, Iowa, People's Collective
    McDonnell Aircrafts Plants:
  • St. Louis, Missouri, Dixie
  • Memphis, Tennessee, Appalachia
  • McKinley Aviation Aircrafts HQ: Empire State
    Metroplex Autogyro Corporation Autogyros HQ: Dallas, Texas
    Mitsubishi Motors Aircrafts HQ: Kyoto, Japan
  • Edo, Japan
  • Taiwan
  • Korea
  • Moraine-Saunier Aircrafts France
    Pacair Aircrafts HQ: Portland, Oregon, Pacifica
    Pratt & Whitney Engine Supplier HQ:
    Ravenscroft Industries Aircrafts HQ: Farmington, Navajo Nation
    Rolls Royce deluxe Planes/Zepps but also engine supplier England
    Sacred Trust Inc. Security HQ:
    Sanderson Machine Corporation Aircrafts HQ: Tulsa, Oklahoma, Texas
    Seversky Aircrafts HQ: Long Island, New York, Empire State
    TNCA Aircrafts and small Zeppelins Talleres Nacionales de Construcciones Aeronauticas
    HQ: Valbuena, Mexico
    United Aircraft Corporation Aircrafts and Zeppelins HQ: Empire State
  • Chance Vought Division, Dallas, Texas
  • Sikorsky Aircraft Division, Bridgeport, Connecticut, Atlantic Coaltion
  • Vought-Sikorsky Division, Stratford, Connecticut, Atlantic Coaltion
  • United Artist East Movies and Musicals Broad Way, Empire State
    United Artist West Movies Los Angeles, Hollywood
    Union Pazific Railways Trains HQ: South Vancouver, Pacifica
  • Pacifica
  • San Francisco, Hollywood
  • Detroit, ISA
  • William & Colt Aircrafts and Military Weapons HQ: Dallas, Texas
    Wittly & Douglas Aircrafts HQs: Chicago, Illinois, ISA
  • Chicago, Illinois, ISA
  • Oklahoma City, Republic of Texas
  • Tulsa, Oklahoma, Republic of Texas