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Villains / Pirates

Where money goes, evil follows. Squadrons of pirates prey on the behemoths of the air from their zeppelin headquarters, stealing cargoes and sometimes even the huge ships themselves. Privateers hunt the shipping lanes under the authority of Letters of Marque that define the split between the raiders and the governments they defy.

Name Region Description
The Black Hat Gang
Free Colorado Pirates
Leader: Ulysses "The Undertaker" Booth
The Black Swans
Mobile from their zeppelin, the Huntress Pirates / Privateers
Leader: Black Swan
Dead Man's Joke Free Colorado to East Coast Pirates
Leader: Matthew Malone
The Enforcers Pirates
Fortune Hunters
Mobile from their zeppelin, the Pandora Pirates / Privateers
Leader: Nathan Zachary
Midwest of North America Pirates
Leader: Justine "Battleaxe" Perot
Redmann's Gang
Leader: "Marshal" Bill Redmann
The Reapers Pirates
Red Skull Legion
Industrial States of America Pirates
Leader: Jonathan "Genghis" Kahn

Henrietta "Hettyhawk" Corbett was killed by "Broker" during a dogfight against FF5 in Manhattan.