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Air Milita and Millitary Forces

Militias have formed in every nation of North America: to fight piracy, insurrection, and the pilots of rival countries. The Broadway Bombers and The Hollywood Knights are famous for their prowess as pirate hunters, and for their rivalry with each other. Units such as the Wind Warriors of the Sioux Nation and the Dusters of the People's Collective rise to the air each day to do battle above a constantly changing political landscape.

Name Region Description
Blake Aviation Security
North America Founder/Leader: Paladin Blake
Broadway Bombers
Empire State Leader: Major Loyle "Show Stopper" Crawford
Communistic Chineese Air Squadrons China and Tibet  
Daughters of Liberty
Empire State  
The Dusters People's Collective Leader: Aaron "Easter" Whittaker
Foreign Legion Air Defence Worldwide, especially former French Colonies  
Hollywood Knights
Hollywood State Leader: Charlotte "Charlie" Steele
Royal British Air Force
Worldwide, especially British Colonies and Commonwealth Member States Famous Leader: Sir Charles Winthrop
Texas Air Rangers Texas Leader:
Wind Warriors Navajo Nation Leader: Soloho Salawa
The Winged Knights Confederation of Dixie Leader: Colonel Beauregard "Rapier" Travis